Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Moved Blog

Sorry to keep doing this - but Wordpress is officially way easier than Blogger to post photos - and I presume you noticed I stopped attaching photos. So - I've moved.

Here's the new address:

Problem is, I made it private again. Honestly, I really don't want to have a filter on myself when I write and I feel like I have to constantly think about who might read it or what psycho might find out where we live, etc. So, private it is. Problem is with wordpress, you have to have a wordpress login... like google, but not everyone already has one.

Sorry. I understand if people just don't feel like doing that extra step to log in. I just need to be able to post comfortably, and I need to be able to upload photos... which just isn't working out for me on blogger. :(

I can invite you, just leave your address in the comments here or email me at

That's all folks.

Oh, and I have private blogs for the kids, so I have letters I write to them and put into a book for them... that's the plan anyway. So, if I don't post much about the kids - that's why. :) You're also allowed to read those if you want an invite - I don't imagine they're too exciting, just status updates on what kids are doing. lol.

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